Top 10 trends in the AR/VR industry in 2022.

November 25, 2021

The global crisis has altered our world and reality. The new normal has propelled digitization and accelerated technology adoption like AI, IIOT or Cloud integration to support the new modus operandi. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology also emerged as a big theme in 2021, and by the looks of it, these technologies might play a significant role in shaping the business world in 2022.

Here are the top AR and VR trends to lookout for

  1. Amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the world of AR and VR

AI has been the theme in corporate for many years now. Merging AI into the world of AR/VR opens new avenues for businesses to improve their existing processes. Talespin, a startup, has developed an extended reality platform using AI that helps enterprises train their employees. Actiview’s platform Assense uses machine learning (ML) and VR to assess the skillsets of job applicants.

  1. Transformation of Ecommerce

Whether it was Sephora enabling customers to try on their cosmetics virtually or Ikea allowing them to experience the product in customer’s native environment virtually, virtually try and buy has become a big hit in e-commerce. While AR Preview Placement and Virtual Try-on solution will continue to expand in e-commerce as more and more players adopt these technologies. The virtual showroom is another possibility that one might see in 2022. Kia, the famous automotive enterprise, has already introduced a VR showroom that allows customers to experience their dream car on a 1-1 scale.

  1. Evolution of Retail

In the post-pandemic world, AR-embedded mirrors can become a revolutionary solution for the Retail industry as they allow customers to virtually try-on products while mitigating human contact. 

Interactive User Manuals may also emerge as a trend in 2022, where customers using a simple AR application get access to a virtual walkthrough of the product, such as setting it up, its features, and more.

  1. Indoor Navigation

Inland navigation technology powered by AR is one of the upcoming trends, and one may see extensive use of this tech in Malls, Hospitals and Airports. AR-driven technology can suggest an optimized shopping route, display the exact location of the desired item, and even guide customers to discounts and gifts sections. One of America’s leading home improvement brands, Lowe’s, uses an in-store navigation app to overlay the directional prompts to help customers shop conveniently.

  1. AR in healthcare

AR, VR and MR are going to transform the healthcare industry. Heru, a project by the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, is working on an AI-enabled vision augmentation application that automatically correct vision defects for patients wearing AR headsets. University of Miami Health System uses AR to assist their surgeons with precise details of patients’ anatomy during operations.

  1. Delivering experiential learning 

AR, VR and MR will provide enhanced learning for students. Educators now have the power to explain concepts with live examples in the immersive world of virtual reality. The BodyVR is an excellent example of how these technologies will make the education process more experiential than theoretical.

  1. Harnessing the potential of AR / VR in automotive industry

AR and VR have gained tremendous popularity in the automotive industry. Whether designing and manufacturing, creating immersive sales experience for customers, improving the driving experience and vehicle safety, streamlining the after-sales services and maintenance processes, or training employees, these technologies are being used extensively in the automotive industry.


  1. Remote assistance via AR / VR

Thanks to AR and VR technology, technicians now can observe and resolve onsite problems via smartphones, tabs or laptops from a remote location. The technology allows them to examine the situation live and empowers them to share relevant information in the form of images, video, and PDFs to resolve the issue in real-time without visiting the site. 

Take a look at how AR and VR technologies are helping in remote assistance.

  1. Expansion of WebAR

What makes WebAR the preferred choice among users is its ability to deliver a seamless AR experience on web browsers across devices without integrating any extension or app. Whether it’s education, marketing or entertainment, WebAR offers excellent scope to add interactivity and may see tremendous growth in the coming year.

  1. 5G will propel the growth of AR and VR industry

The arrival of 5G will accelerate digitisation across businesses, and a similar impact will be felt in the AR and VR industry. High-speed internet will aid faster data transfers and quicker image processing to enhance consumers’ virtual experience manifold.

Being a pioneer in designing premium, low-poly and lightweight 3D models of products, people and places, Ikarus 3D is at the helm of the AR and VR industry. AR and VR will continue to bring tangible transformations across industries in 2022, and Ikarus 3D will be at the forefront, empowering enterprises to build a virtual presence in the realm of AR and VR universe.

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Top 10 trends in the AR/VR industry in 2022.

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