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Brand Manifesto  

“ Never regret thy fall,
  O Icarus of the fearless flight,
  for the greatest tragedy of them all,
  is never to feel the burning light. ”
                      –   Oscar Wilde

Deriving its name from the myth of Icarus and Daedalus, the company was built with the intent to go ‘above and beyond; to take that ‘fearless flight’ for our patrons and our people. If you are wondering, ‘why did you pick this connotation though?’; the answer is simple. While the myth of Icarus is a lesson to be aware of your limits, we believe in knowing them and exceeding them nevertheless. It goes on to say there are no limits when it comes to passion and sheer work we put in, in what we call ‘adding a new dimension to human life.

Starting from the dorm room of our founder while he was still a college student, we became a reliable partner for some of the biggest names in the AR, VR, XR, and WebAR industry and home to dozens of 3D artists, driven to use their art to bring you AR & VR ready 3D models, Photorealistic 3D models, models from Photogrammetry as well as 3D scan clean ups, and 3D file optimization. Our expertise lies in designing customized 3D models that are premium, lightweight in terms of file size, and low-poly, with minimum turnaround time. We at Ikarus 3D see every day as an opportunity to create something different and exceptional. We endeavor to build long-lasting relationships, and firmly believe that mutual respect and admiration are crucial for creating successful and fruitful partnerships.

About us, Ikarus 3D

Founder’s message

“Have you ever wondered what if I were alive during the Internet boom? Could I have contributed? Could I have helped further mankind? Today we have a similar opportunity. What we create today at Ikarus 3D, will contribute directly to the future that we will live in. The drawings we draw on the virtual walls might seem like a small cog in the greater scheme of things, but so did Thomson’s discovery of the electron.”

Our Vision

To create this world and every possible variation of it in 3D

Our Mission

Create 10,000,000 3D models by 2024.

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Meet the people behind Ikarus!

About us, Ikarus 3D
Ishan Kumar Giddu

CEO & Founder

About us, Ikarus 3D
Shaguna Khetarpal

Head of International Partnerships, CHRO & Co-founder

About us, Ikarus 3D
Nishant Verma

VP 3D & Co-founder

About us, Ikarus 3D
Pragya Jain

Human Resources Manager

About us, Ikarus 3D
Archna Luthra

Business Development Executive

About us, Ikarus 3D
Ananya Nigam

Marketing Manager

About us, Ikarus 3D
Karan Singh

3D Manager

About us, Ikarus 3D
Suraj Kaintura

3D Manager

About us, Ikarus 3D
Abhishek Saini

3D Manager

About us, Ikarus 3D
Pritish Sehzpaul

Technology Manager

About us, Ikarus 3D

Chief Security Officer

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