5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing a 3D Modelling Project

November 25, 2021

Assume you are a business and have decided to integrate 3D visualisation and AR experience into your website and app. Great! So, what next? The first and most crucial part of the entire project is creating a 3D model of the products you offer. 

To ensure your 3D visualisation and AR integration journey is smooth, we list five mistakes to avoid while choosing a 3D modelling partner.

  1. Lack of research – Before you decide on a 3D modelling partner, make sure you have explored the available options in the market. Comparing cost is necessary but not the only factor to consider. Check the industries and portfolio of the companies. Evaluate their work quality on photorealism in the imagery, composition and lighting in the scenes, and the quality of 3D models and textures, whether they can provide a 360-degree view, real-time render and AR & VR ready files.
  1. Lack of reference– Reference is vital in creating accurate and optimised 3D models. Always share pictures, drawings, sketches, a list of textures, requirements to the 3D scene, composition, the arrangement of items, lighting, colours, and overall atmosphere in brief. 
  1. Choosing the wrong style of 3D modelling – There are numerous formats of 3D modelling available in the market. It is crucial to communicate the purpose of the project to get the correct output. For 3D product visualisation on websites and apps, you need low-poly 3D models that are lightweight and don’t affect the user experience by increasing the website loading time.
  1. Failing to define turnaround time expectation– Time is of the essence for every business. So, it’s better to avoid 3D modelling firms that fail to guarantee the project turnaround time. At Ikarus, we put our client’s interest as a priority. With a team of highly skilled artists working on the best tech, we deliver projects on time with top-quality output. 
  1. Lack of communication- Lack of communication between client and 3D modelling partners can often result in misunderstanding, complex workflow, and delivery delays. It is advisable to regularly make updates and run quality tests to ensure sync between you and your 3D modelling partner to avoid this situation.

Ikarus 3D is the world’s first company to offer customised, Premium, Lightweight, Low-poly 3D models that can readily integrate into 3D product visualisation, AR, VR, WebAR and WebGL. Apart from 3D modelling, our expertise also lies in Photorealistic 3D modelling, Real-time rendering, Photogrammetry and 3D scan clean-ups and 3D file optimisation. So, if you are looking for an end to end 3D modelling service provider, Ikarus 3D is where you come!

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